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Streamline Telehealth for Disease Prevention & Overall Wellness
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About HealthyNowMDUnparalleled Virtual Healthcare


HealthyNowMD’s Medical Director is Board certified in Anti Aging and Rejuvenative Medicine. Protocols for our health care providers have been developed to prevent disease and promote healing and restoration. This allows our patients to live and perform at the highest level.

“Medicine has become sickness based. Too often the disease has progressed to a stage that cannot be reversed. It is our goal at HealthyNowMD to get involved with patients to avoid disease and promote wellness before problems exist that cannot be reversed.”






Experienced Telehealth Providers

Helping patients manage their health from home via virtual doctor visits since 2014

Our Mission

  1. Increase access to healthcare through telehealth
  2. Assist patients in self-improvement, wellness, and goal achievement by utilizing coaching, medications, and supplements.
  3. Formulate a customized self-improvement plan for each individual patient to achieve their goals and improve their overall wellness.

Why Join HealthyNowMD?

Wellness Plan

Access to our board-certified physicians. During your initial intake, we will work with you to put together a yearlong wellness plan. You can schedule an appointment as needed to assist with your wellness plan or for changes to the plan. You decide which provider. Each provider’s bio and areas of expertise is listed. Below the provider is their schedule. Simply click on an opening in the schedule and you will be invited to their confidential televisit site. You can also schedule an office visit if you prefer a face to face meeting.

24/7 Access to Your Provider

You will be given an invitation to our messaging app or you can log into the website to communicate in real time with your provider and our staff.  All communication is confidential.

Prescription-Grade Supplements

You receive an invite to our supplement sale site, FullScript. This will allow you to order prescription grade supplements through your personal login. HealthyNowMD will give you a recommended list of what supplements your provider recommends for your unique and individualized wellness plan. This is a way for HealthyNowMD to monitor which supplements you take and their effects on your health


HealthyNowMD can send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. We can also send prescriptions through mail order prescriptions.  We recommend using GoodRX when paying for medications yourself.

E-Lab Ordering

HealthyNowMD can order laboratory tests electronically and All test results will be reviewed remotely. Often, our providers will want labs done prior to an initial visit. Your insurance will typically cover your lab work. If you are paying for your lab work let your provider know. We have a national account with Quest Diagnotics and can send the order to any location. You make your own lab appointment, bring the bar code with order, and have your blood drawn. The results will come to our portal.

Complete Confidentiality

We do not bill insurance companies. There is a monthly cost to be in our program. Because we do not bill insurance companies, we are not required to report anything to insurance carriers. If a patient decides to bill their insurance company for laboratory work or for prescriptions, we may at that time need to disclose information to have the insurance providers pay for the labs/medications

Simple, Clear Billing

The initial intake and acceptance to the platform is $50. This also includes a consultation, laboratory data interpretation and access to our messaging app, electronic prescription writing and electronic lab ordering system. Each provider lists their recurring monthly cost to remain in their program. Certain providers may charge more per month based on their expertise and level of specialized testing they perform regularly on their patients.  Different plans may have different monthly costs.


At ANYTIME you can opt out of this membership. HealthyNowMD also reserves the right to remove patients from the program if we feel it is not a good fit. We are providing a service to our patients and we want everyone satisfied with their care.

How we do this/ Next steps

  1. Fill out new patient intake form and schedule an appointment
  2. We will review application and labs are ordered (if needed)
  3. Face to face via telemedicine visit with our Board-Certified Physician
  4. If accepted into the practice, we will customize a treatment plan and create wellness goals
  5. Prescriptions are electronically sent to pharmacy of choice
  6. You will receive recommendations for prescription grade supplements
  7. Invitation to our widget that will allow 24/7 access to our health care team via confidential phone, texting, email, and telemedicine for minor acute care needs.


  1. There will be a $50 charge for your initial visit and consultation.
  2. Once a member, you’ll automatically be charged $50 each month.


Common Patient Issues

At HealthyNowMD, we’re here to help you with many of your healthcare and medical needs virtually, without the need to leave your home for an office appointment with your doctor. Some of the more common health concerns we address with our patients include:

  • Lack of Energy
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Weight Gain
  • Decreased Libido
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Prolonged Injury Recovery
  • Hormone Imbalance


How We Address These Issues

Our goal is to increase access to your doctor, medications, and supplements. We use telehealth and other technologies to provide the following healthcare services:

  • Wellness coaching
  • Bioequivalent and bio – feedback hormone replacement
  • Supplements
  • Exercise planning
  • Testosterone replacement therapy
  • Medications and supplements to slow the aging process and improve healing
  • Treatment of acute care needs as needed

What We Are Not

  • We will not treat chronic pain
  • We will not treat chronic disease conditions
  • We will not replace a primary health care provider

Overall, our focus is disease prevention and improving quality of life.

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