What Is Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine is approved for use at high doses as an anesthetic in the operating room. Although not FDA approved, lower dose “sub-anesthetic” ketamine injections are used “off-label” to treat depression, pain, and other mental health/substance use disorders. 

In recent times, there have been many factors contributing to increased depression across wide populations. There are several medications available for depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders which involve daily administration of a medication aimed at correction of neurochemical imbalances via action at specific brain receptors (e.g. serotonin, dopamine, mu opioid).

 Effects of Ketamine

The treatment will put the patient into a “dissociative state”.  Ketamine treatment produces a short-lived but intense subjective experience the mystical or peak experience, which triggers or elicits an afterglow, accompanied by a subsequent positive change in affect, insight, motivation, cognition, and behavior.


Ketamine Treatments help alleviate PTSD in a number of ways. With our medically administered treatment, we help slowly pull you out of the trauma you may be holding into. 

Cost of Treatment

To be evaluated by a physician AND determine if you are a candidate for Ketamine therapy, you must be a Gold Member.  We will determine if any testing needs to be done prior to your treatment.  You will also receive benefits of being a Gold Member. The Gold Membership is $179 a month. During the intake, we will schedule your initial treatment.  Mobile treatemtents can be done for certain patients.